Common Connection Problems with GoPro Cameras

During our 8+ year experience with thousands of users four main reasons for WiFi connection problems to GoPro Hero and other cameras emerged:

  1. Network configuration errors.
  2. Invalid or changed Wifi credentials.
  3. Wifi adapter incompatibilities.
  4. Inactive camera WiFi.

1. Network configuration errors

A common network configuration error is an outdated IP address.

Usually the problem occurs on macOS and Windows. You can check your IP address by clicking on the Wifi network properties link in the macOS/Windows Wifi manager. The correct IP address depends on the camera model. For instance GoPro cameras have an IP range of “10.5.5.*” (where * is an arbitrary number between 0 to 255).

How can I fix this problem?

The problem can be easily fixed with two steps:

  1. Connect to the camera Wifi network.
  2. On Windows open a new command prompt (enter cmd in the start menu) as an administrator (right click, then select Run as administrator). Then type the following commands:
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew


Click here for a demo video which shows how to release the IP address.

The following video shows how to renew the IP address in macOS:

Another problem which sometimes occurs in company networks are static IP addresses. Most cameras act as Wifi hotspots which serve IP addresses via DHCP. In other words, you have to turn of static IP addresses to connect to these cameras.


2. Invalid Wifi credentials

Most operating systems (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows) cache your camera’s Wifi credentials (Wifi SSID, password, authentication details). This is useful because else you would have to enter the details on every connection attempt. The problem is that when Wifi details change (especially the Wifi password) then on most systems the WiFi connection also fails.

How can I fix this problem?

To fix this problem, go to your devices system Wifi manager and forget the cameras Wifi network. On the next connection attempt to the camera Wifi network the system will ask you for the Wifi network credentials. Now enter the correct (new) password.

How to videos for fixing the WiFi connection on different systems:


3. Wifi adapter incompatibilities

Some cameras, such as GoPro Hero 5 and newer, Ricoh Theta V, and Xiaomi YI 4K support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wifi network connections. We noticed that some target devices (for instance the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone) have problems with 5GHz Wifi connections.

Common indications for a 5GHz incompatibility are:

  • The Wifi network is not visible on the target device.
  • Connections to the Wifi network fail with an error.
  • The Wifi connection is very unstable and breaks down, even within short distances.

How can I fix this problem?

Fortunately it is possible to change the Wifi frequency on most cameras. Therefore go to the Wifi connection settings on your camera and switch from 5GHz to 2GHz.


4. Inactive camera WiFi

GoPro Hero 5 and newer cameras deactivate the WiFi connection after a few minutes of inactivity. Unfortunately, this automatic deactivation cannot be turned off.

How can I fix this problem?

You can prevent the GoPro camera from turning of the WiFi signal with streaming server built into the Camera Remote app or with the streaming module in the script editor.


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