Streaming Server

The streaming server activates the GoPro live audio and video preview media stream. The following sections describe how you can view the media stream in third party applications, like VideoLAN or ffmpeg.

FFPlay and FFMpeg

ffmpeg is a powerful command line tool for converting and manipulating media data. You can download Windows and macOS binaries (executables) here. The source code is available here. ffplay is a simple command line based media player which ships with ffmpeg. You can show the live stream with the following command:

ffplay -fflags nobuffer -f mpegts -i “udp://”

VideoLAN player (VLC)

The VLC player is a popular free multi-platform player which is available for download here. The VLC Player usually cannot reliably playback the raw GoPro video data stream. Thus ffmpeg is required to transform the stream with the following command:

ffmpeg -fflags nobuffer -f mpegts -i “udp://” -f mpegts -vcodec copy udp://localhost:10000

Now the stream can be opened in VLC player under this address:



  • If media playback fails then make sure that the firewall does not block the UDP ports 8554 and 10000.
  • Sometimes it also helps when you move the camera around. This generates additional video data which can be used by the video player’s decoding engine.
  • Audio is only available in video mode. Audio is not available in the photo modes.