How to setup a RTMP server for multi GoPro streaming on Windows

This article describes how to setup a RTMP streaming server on Windows. The streaming server can then be used to stream from multiple sources, such as multiple GoPro Hero cameras.


  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10.
  • If you want to stream using GoPro cameras:



Download the RTMP server from here (~2MB) and extract the zip file. Then double click on the “monaserver.exe”. A command prompt should pop up:

The RTMP server is now ready for receiving streams. The RTMP url looks like this (the IP address has to be replaced with your IP address):



Replace “key” with some number. Each “key” represents a new video stream. For instance, the following two urls represent two live streams:



You can use the Live Streamer for GoPro Heros app if you want to live stream from GoPro cameras to the RTMP server.

The whole installation process is also shown in this video:


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