How to control GoPro Hero cameras from your Apple Watch

Sometimes the GoPro camera is located at difficult to reach positions so that it cannot be controlled directly. The classical way for controlling the camera in such situations is through an app (e.g. Camera Tools for iOS/Android). This again has the disadvantage that we have to eventually pull out the smartphone, unlock it, and start the app.

A more convenient way is to directly control the GoPro camera from a smartwatch. The goWatch app is exactly what we need: it allows you control basic functions directly with the Apple Watch from your wrist.

The following video shows the goWatch app in action:


  1. Hi,

    When trying to +Add camera for the GoPro 8 Black on the i-Watch 6, there is only a blank screen rather than the camera entry…
    All software is up to date on the tech.

    Please can you help?

  2. Have a GoPro Hero 11 and an Apple Watch 7. I cannot connect the two. When I’m in pairing mode on the camera, I only have a black screen on my watch. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

  3. Harald,

    I purchased the app in the past but cannot download any longer. The app shows the app as purchased but it is greyed out with no download choice. Any solution?


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