How to connect to GoPro Hero 4 Wifi

This tutorial shows how you can easily connect your GoPro Hero 4 Silver, Black Edition, and Hero+ camera over Wifi.

First, use the front Mode button to turn on the camera. Then press the “Mode” button multiple times until you reach the SETUP menu:

On the next screen select the first entry (by default this shows “OFF” but it can also have other values) using the button on the top of the camera :

Then select the second entry PAIR using the front button on the camera:

Then select the first entry GoPro APP:

You will see a screen which shows a four digit PIN code:

Pairing can be performed with the Camera Remote app. After pairing you can connect the GoPro over Wifi using the system Wifi manager. The Wifi network’s name starts with “GP” by default and the default Wifi password is “goprohero” if you have not changed it beforehand.



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