Camera Tools keyboard shortcuts for controlling GoPro cameras

The Camera Tools app supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

On mobile systems (Android, iOS with a Bluetooth keyboard) the following keyboard shortcuts are supported:

  • R: start recording all cameras.
  • S: stop recording all cameras.
  • P: Power off all cameras.
  • C: Connect to all cameras.
  • T: Tag moment on all cameras.
  • D: Disconnect from all cameras (since version 1.6.2).
  • X: Toggle between video, photo, and multi-shot mode (since version 1.6.2).

Individual cameras can be controlled by first pressing the “CTRL” (command) key, for instance the following command starts recording on the 2nd camera:

CTRL + 2 + R


If you have a Remotek remote controller, then you can activate special key support in the Camera Tools app settings -> UI (since version 1.6.2):

  • “: Stop recording.
  • +” or “=“: Start recording.
  • Left arrow: Connect.
  • Right arrow: Tag moment.
  • Up arrow: Power off.
  • Down arrow: Toggle between video, photo, and multi-shot modes.



On desktop systems (macOS, Windows, Raspberry Pi) the following keyboard shortcuts are supported:

  • DEL: Delete the currently selected camera.
  • CTRL+R: Show script executor tool.
  • CTRL+N: Show script editor.
  • F2: Start recording (all cameras).
  • F3: Stop recording (all cameras).
  • F4: Set all cameras to “photo” mode.
  • F5: Set all cameras to “video” mode.


  1. hello, very good app…thanks and congratulations! Please, I would like to know if there is a future project to include dji osmo action 3 as compatible too? I have gopro10 and dji osmo action 3…and I would like to control both cameras. thanks!

  2. Hi. Thanks for making this. I am using it on a handlebar remote controller for motorcycles, and am hoping you could make a keyboard shortcut for swapping modes (video, still, timelapse) and taking a still image also, which of course would be the r-key if set in photo mode.


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