Media Browser

The media browser allows you to show, preview, download, and delete media from the camera.

Mobile version

Media browser mobile version
Media browser mobile version

The following functions are available:

  1. Here you can select media files (all, by media type, or inverted selection).
  2. Here you can change the display order (e.g. newest first, sort by name, sort by date, etc.).
  3. Here you can reload the media list from the camera.
  4. Here you can add the selected files to the download manager which will then start to download the files from the camera. The files are downloaded to the following locations:
    • Android: Files are saved in the system pictures folder under the sub folder “Camera Remote”. Files are also automatically added to the Android media gallery. The detailed path depends on the vendor and Android version, but in general the folder is: “external/Pictures/Camera Remote/”.
    • iOS: All media files are imported into the iOS Photo gallery. If a file cannot be imported into the gallery (e.g. due to unsupported video properties) then it can be accessed using the “Local media manager” (see point 9 below).
    • WinRT: All files are stored in the app’s document directory and are accessible through the “Local media manager” (see point 9 below).
  5. Here you can delete the selected files from the camera.
  6. Here you can clear the thumbnail cache. The thumbnail cache stores local thumbnail copies of the media files for better performance.
  7. Here you can close the media browser.
  8. Here you can show the download manager.
  9. Here you can show the local media manager. This option is only available on iOS and WinRT. On iOS the local media manager shows downloaded files which could not be automatically imported into the iOS Photo/Video gallery. This happens when you try to download media from the camera which is not supported by iOS. In detail, iOS does not support some special video frame rates and resolutions, and special options like GoPro protune.
    On WinRT the local media manager shows all downloaded files.

Desktop version

Media browser desktop version
Media browser desktop version

The desktop version of the media browser has some functions which need more explanations:

  • Download manager: This option shows the global media download manager. All media files which are marked for download are downloaded by the download manager.
  • Settings: Here you can specify the media download target folder.
  • Refresh: This option reloads the media list from the camera.
  • Clear cache: This option clears the local thumbnail cache.